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Beer Ritz

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Beer Ritz

Beer Ritz Beer List

14 Weetwood Lane, Headingley, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS16 5LX, UK, 0113 275 3464 (Map) Open midday-9pm, 7 days a week. Phone 0113 2753464

This is a representative list of what keep in stock as of September 2012. Some lines may go in and out of stock, and other breweries may vary their output so PLEASE call us on 0113 275 3464 to check availability before you make a special journey


Abbay des Roc Special Noel 33cl
Affligem Tripel 33cl
Barbar 33cl
Barbar Bok Beugel 33cl
Big Chouffe
Boon Framboise 37.5cl
Boon Geuze 37.5cl 7.0%
Boon Kriek 37.5cl
Brigand 33cl
Brugse Tripel 33cl
Brugse Zot Blonde 33cl
Brugse Zot Blonde 75cl
Brugse Zot Bruin 33cl
Brugse Zot Bruin 75cl
Bush Ambree 33cl
Cantillon Rose de Gambrinus 37.5cl
Celis White 25cl
Chimay Blue 33cl
Chimay Cinq Cents 75cl
Chimay Grand Reserve 75cl
Chimay Premiere 75cl
Chimay Red 33cl
Chimay Wit 33cl
Chouffe Houblon 75cl
Chouffe McChouffe 75cl
Chouffe N'ICE 75cl
Corsendonk Agnus 33cl
Corsendonk Agnus 75cl
Corsendonk Pater 33cl 8.0%
Corsendonk Pater 75cl
Cuvee van der Kaiser BLUE 75cl
De Konink 25cl 5%
Delirium Nocturnum
Delirium Tremens 33cl
Deus 75cl
Duchesse de Bourgogne 33cl
Duvel 33cl
Duvel 75cl
Floris Chocolate 33cl 4.2%
Floris Honey 33cl
Floris Mango 33cl
Floris Passion 33cl
Fruli Strawberry 33cl
Gouden Carolus 33cl
Grimbergen Blond 33cl 7%
Grimbergen Bruno 33cl
Grimbergen Dubbel 33cl
Grimbergen Tripel 33cl
Grottenbier 33cl
Guinness Special Export (Belgian) 33cl
Gulden Draak 33cl
Hoegaarden Forbidden Fruit 33cl
Hoegaarden Grand Cru 33cl
Hoegaarden Wit 33cl
Hommel 25cl
Hommel Bier 75cl
Jandrain Jandrenouille IV Saison 75cl
Judas 33cl
Jupiler 25cl
Jupiler Low Alcohol 25cl
Karmeliet Tripel 33cl
Kasteel Blonde 33cl
Kasteel Brune Bruin 33cl
Kasteel Rouge 33cl
Kwak 33cl
Kwak 75cl
La Trappe Dubbel 33cl
La Trappe Tripel 33cl
Leffe 9% 33cl
Leffe Blonde 33cl
Leffe Radieuse 33cl
Leffe Triple 33cl
Liefmans Cuvee 37.5cl
Liefmans Goudenband 37.5cl
Lindemans Faro 37.5cl
Lindemans Pecheresse 37.5cl
Maredsous 8 Bruin 33cl
Maredsous 10 Triple 33cl
Maredsous 6 Blonde 33cl
Mongozo Coconut 33cl
Mort Subite Framboise 25cl 4.3%
Mort Subite Gueuze 25cl
Mort Subite Kriek 25cl
Orval 33cl
Palm 25cl
Piraat 33cl
Rodenbach Grand Cru 33cl
Rodenbach Ordinaire 25cl
Saison Dupont 25cl
Saison Dupont 75cl
St Bernardus Abt 33cl
St Bernardus Pater 33cl
St Bernardus Prior 33cl
St Bernardus Tripel 33cl
Straffe Hendrik Brugs Tripel Bier 33cl 9%
Timmermans Kriek 33cl
Timmermans Strawberry 33cl
Trappiste Rochefort 6 33cl
Trappistes Rochefort 8 33cl
Trappistes Rochefort 10 33cl
Watou Witbier 25cl
Westmalle Dubbel 33cl
Westmalle Tripel 33cl


Ampleforth Abbey Double 33cl
Arbor Ales 2012 Black DIPA 33cl
Arbor Ales American Brown 50cl
Arbor Ales Oyster Stout 50cl
Arbor Ales Phoenix Single Hop 50cl
Arbor Ales Pioneer Single Hop 50cl
Arbor Ales Port Stout 50cl
Arbor Ales Warrior IPA 50cl
Atlas Brewery Latitude Highland Pilsner
Atlas Brewery Nimbus 50cl 5%
Atlas Brewery Three Sisters 50cl 4.2%
Batemans Dark Lord 50cl
Batemans Victory Ale 50cl
Batemans XXXB 50cl
Black Sheep 50cl
Black Sheep Holy Grail 50cl
Black Sheep Riggwelter 50cl 5.7%abv
Black Sheep Russian Imperial Stout
Black Sheep Yorkshire Squares Ale 50cl
Brew Star Anarchy Lager 33cl
Brewdog 5am Saint 33cl 5% abv
Brewdog Abstrakt AB:06 37.5cl
Brewdog Abstrakt AB:09 37.5cl
Brewdog Abstrakt AB:10
Brewdog Alice Porter 33cl
Brewdog Anarchist Alchemist 33cl
Brewdog Dogma 33cl
Brewdog Hardcore IPA 33cl
Brewdog Mr Squirrel 33cl
Brewdog Oak Aged 77 33cl
Brewdog Punk IPA 33cl
BrewDog Punk IPA CANS 33cl
Brewdog Riptide 33cl
Brewdog Tactical Nuclear Penguin 33cl 32%
BrewDog Tokyo* 33cl
Bristol Beer Fact Smoked Porter 50cl
Bristol Beer Fact. Exhibition 50cl
Bristol Beer Fact. Milk Stout 50cl
Bristol Beer Fact. No 7 50cl
Bristol Beer Fact. Southville 50cl
Bristol Beer Fact. Ultim Stout 50cl
Bristol Beer Factory Bete-Noire 50cl
Bristol Beer Factory Hefe-Weisse 50cl
Buxton American Rye 50cl
Buxton Axe Edge 50cl
Buxton Black Rocks 50cl
Buxton Dark Nights 50cl
Buxton Gold 50cl
Buxton High Tor 50cl
Buxton Moor Top 50cl
Buxton SPA 50cl
Buxton Tsar 33cl
Coniston Bluebird
Coniston Old Man 50cl
Coniston XB 50cl
Copper Dragon Best Bitter 50cl
Copper Dragon Black Gold
Copper Dragon Challenger IPA 50cl
Copper Dragon Golden Pippin 50cl
Copper Dragon Scotts 1816 50cl
Crabbies Ginger Beer 50cl
Cropton Blackout Porter 50cl
Cropton Honey Gold 50cl
Cropton Monkmans Slaughter 50cl
Cropton Old Goat 8% abv 50cl
Cropton Two Pints 50cl
Cropton Yorkshire Moors 50cl
Daleside Blonde 50cl
Daleside Greengrass Old Rogue
Daleside Morocco 50cl
Daleside Ripon Jewel
Dark Star Espresso Stout 50cl
Dark Star Sunburst
Durham Bombay 106 IPA 50cl
Durham Brewery Cloister 50cl
Durham Brewery Evensong 50cl
Durham Brewery St Cuthbert 50cl
Durham Brewery Temptation Russian Stout 50
Durham Magus 50cl
Durham White Stout 50cl
Elland 1872 Porter 50cl
Felinfoel Double Dragon 50cl
Fyne Ales Avalanche 50cl
Fyne Ales Highlander 50cl
Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack 50cl
Fyne Ales Jarl 50cl
Fyne Ales Maverick 50cl
Fyne Ales Piper's Gold 50cl
Fyne Ales Vital Spark 50cl
Greene King Abbot Ale 50cl
Hardknott Aether Blaec Epsilon 2011 33cl
Hardknott Granite 50cl 10.4%abv
Hardknott Rhetoric #1 33cl
Harviestoun Bitter & Twisted 50cl
Harviestoun Ola Dubh 12yr Old 33cl
Harviestoun Schiehallion 50cl
Hawkshead Cumbrian Five Hop 33cl
Hawkshead NZPA 33cl
Hawkshead Windermere Pale 33cl
Heather Ale (Thistle ) Grozet 50cl
Heather Ale (Thistle) Fraoch 50cl
High and Mighty Beer of the Gods 50cl
Ikley Lotus IPA 50cl
Ilkley Best 8s 50cl
Ilkley Black 8s 50cl
Ilkley Mary Jane 8s 50cl
Ilkley Pale 50cl
Ilkley Siberia Rhubarb Saison 50cl
Ilkley Stout MAry 50cl
Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey 33cl
Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer 330ml
Innis & Gunn Rum Cask 33cl
Innis and Gunn Independence Day 33cl
Kelham Island Easy Rider 50cl
Kelham Island Pale Rider 50cl
Kelham Island Riders On The Storm
kelpie organic ale
Kernel Black IPA 33cl
Kernel Cent. Columbus IPA 33cl
Kernel Citra IPA 33cl
Kernel Columbus Pale Ale 50cl
Kernel Double SCCANS IPA 33cl
Kernel Export India Porter 50cl
Kernel Export Stout 33cl
Kernel Imperial Brown Stout 33cl
Kernel India Brown Ale 33cl
Leeds Best 50cl
Leeds Brewery Hellfire
Mallinsons Brewer's Gold
Mallinsons Castle Hill Prem 50cl
Mallinsons Chocolate Stout
Mallinsons Station Best 50cl
Marstons Owd Rodger 50cl
Moor Amoor (peat porter) 66cl
Moor Freddy Walker 66cl
Moor Illusion 66cl
Moor Merlin's Magic 66cl
Moor Nor' Hop 66cl
Moor Revival 66cl
Moor Somerland Gold 66cl
Moorhouse's Black Cat 50cl
Moorhouse's Blonde Witch 50cl
Moorhouse's Pendle Witches Brew 50cl
Naylors Black & Tan 50cl
Naylors Ginger Beer 8s 50cl
Naylors Pinnacle Bitter 50cl
Naylors Pinnacle Blonde 50cl
Naylors Pinnacle Porter 50cl
Naylors Podium Pale Ale 50cl
Newcastle Brown Ale 50cl
Oakham Bishops Farewell
Oakham Citra
Oakham Green Devil 66cl
Oakham Hawes Buckler
Oakham Inferno
Oakham JHB
Old Leg Over 8s
Old Speckled Hen 50cl
Orkney Dark Island
Orkney Dark Island Reserve 75cl
Orkney Dragonhead Stout 50CL
Orkney Northern Light 50cl
Orkney Raven Ale
Orkney Red MacGregor
Orkney Skullsplitter
Ossett Blonde 50cl
Ossett Treacle Stout 50cl
Red Willow Directionless 50cl
Red Willow Fathomless 50cl
Revolutions Beat Red 50cl
Revolutions Clash London Porter 50cl
Revolutions Devolution Amber 50cl
Revolutions Kraftwerk Braun 50cl
Revolutions Manifesto Stout 50cl
Revolutions Revolver 50cl
Ridgeway Foreign Export Stout 50cl
Ridgeway Organic 50cl
Ridgeway Querkus 50cl
Rudgate Brewery Battle Axe
Rudgate Brewery Viking 50cl
Rudgate Ruby Mild 50cl
Saltaire Blonde 50cl
Saltaire Cascade 50cl
Saltaire Hazelnut Coffee Porter 50cl
Saltaire Raspberry Blonde 50cl
Saltaire Triple Chocoholic 50cl 4.8% abv
Sam Smith Organic Raspberry Beer 35.5cl
Sam Smith's Imperial Stout
Sam Smiths India Ale
Sam Smiths Nut Brown Ale
Sam Smiths Oatmeal Stout
Sam Smiths Org Pure Brewed Lager
Sam Smiths Organic Cherry Beer 35cl
Sam Smiths Organic Lager 55cl
Sam Smiths Pure Brewed Lager
Sam Smiths Taddy Porter 55cl 5%
Sam Smiths Yorkshire Stingo 55cl
Sams Smiths Organic Pale Ale 50cl
Samuel Smith Organic Strawberry Beer 35cl
St Austell Admirals Ale 50cl
St Austell HSD 50cl
St Austell Proper Job 50cl
St Austell Smugglers Ale 50cl 6% abv
St Austell Smugglers Grand cru 75cl
St Austell Trelawny Ale
St. Austell Tribute Ale 50cl
Taylors Landlord 50cl
Thornbridge Bracia 50cl
Thornbridge Courage 33cl
Thornbridge Evenlode 33cl
Thornbridge Jaipur 50cl
Thornbridge Kipling 50cl
Thornbridge Raven 50cl
Thornbridge St Petersburg 50cl
Thornbridge Tzara 50cl
Thornbridge Versa Weisse
Thornbridge Wild Swan 50cl
Wells Banana Bread Beer 50cl
Wells Bombardier 50cl
Wessex Brewers Old Shag 50cl
Wessex Old Gee Spot 50cl
Wessex Rumpy Pumpy 50cl 4.0%
Wessex Slap & Tickle 50cl
Westons Organic 50cl
Westons Perry 75cl
Williams Bros Black 50cl
Williams Bros Fraoch 22 75cl
Williams Bros Ginger 50cl
Williams Bros Gold 50cl
Williams Bros Midnight Sun 50cl
Williams Bros Red 50cl
Wychwood Hobgoblin 50cl
York Chocolate Stout 50cl


3 Monts (Biere De Flandres) 75cl
Anchor Liberty Ale 35cl
Anchor Old Foghorn 35cl
Anchor Porter 35.5cl
Anchor Steam Beer 35.5cl
Augustiner Edelstoff 50cl
Augustiner Helles 50cl
Banks Caribbean Lager 33cl
Becks NA 27.5cl
Beer Lao
Berliner Kindl Weisse 33cl
Blue Moon 35.5cl
Brewfist 24k 33cl
Brewfist Burocracy 33cl
Brewfist Caterpillar 33cl
Brewfist Fear
Brewfist Spaceman 33cl
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout 35cl
Brooklyn Brown Ale 35.5cl
Brooklyn East India Pale Ale 35cl
Brooklyn Lager 33cl
Brooklyn Monster Ale 33cl
Budvar Dark 50cl
Budweiser Budvar 50cl Bottle
Casablanca 33cl
Chang Elephant Beer 33cl
Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale 375ml
Coopers Original Pale Ale 37.5cl
Coopers Sparkling Ale 37.5cl 5.8
Corona 33cl
Crocodile 33cl
Cruzcampo 33cl
De Troch Apricot 25cl
De Troch Mirabelle 25cl
Dogfish Head Red and White 75cl
Erdinger Alkoholfrei 50cl
Erdinger Dunkelweiss
Erdinger Pikantus Bock
Erdinger Urweisse 50cl
Erdinger Weisebier 50cl
Fentimans Curiosity Cola 27.5cl
Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock 27.5cl
Fentimans Ginger Beer 27.5cl
Flying Dog Doggie Style Classic Pale Ale 3
Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter 33cl 8.7%
Flying Dog Kujo Coffee Stout 35.5cl
Flying Dog Old Scratch Amber Lager 35cl
Flying Dog Raging Bitch 35cl 8.7%
Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA 35cl
Flying Dog Wildman 35.5cl
Goose Island IPA 33cl
Goose Island Bourbon County Vanilla
Goose Island Honkers Ale 35cl
Goose Island Matilda 35cl
Goose Island Nut Brown Ale 33cl
Goose Island Pepe Nero 35cl
Goose Island Summertime 35cl
Guinness Foreign Extra 33cl
Hue Beer 35cl
Jever Pilsner
Kaiserdom Dunkel 50cl
Kaiserdom Pilsner 50cl
La Trappe Quadruple
Left Hand Milk Stout 33cl
Lindemans Cuvee Rene 37.5cl
Lindemans Kriek 37.5cl
Little Creatures 35cl
Mallinsons Simcoe 50cl
Maui Coconut Porter 35.5cl
Maui Mana Pineapple Wheat 35.5cl
Mikkeller American Dream 33cl
Mikkeller Challenger IPA 33cl
Mikkeller Funky E-Star 33cl
Mikkeller Jackie Brown 50cl
Mikkeller Koppi IPA 33cl
Mikkeller LA Lager 33cl
Mikkeller Not Just Another Wit 33cl
Mikkeller Palisade IPA 33cl
Mikkeller Sort Gul 33cl
Mikkeller Weizenbock 33cl
Moosehead Lager 35.5cl
Nils Oscar Barley Wine 33cl
Nils Oscar Coffee Stout 33cl
Nils Oscar Ctrl Alt Delete 33cl
Nils Oscar God Lager 33cl
Nils Oscar Imperial Stout 33cl
Nils Oscar India Ale 33cl
Nils Oscar Kalasol 33cl
Nils Oscar Rokporter 50cl
Nogne Imperial Stout 50cl
Nogne Imperial Stout Cognac 25cl
Nogne IPA 50cl
Nogne Pale Ale 50cl
Nogne Porter 50cl
Nogne Saison 50cl
Odells 5 Barrel Pale Ale 35cl
Odells 90 Shilling 35cl
Odells Cutthroat Porter 35cl
Odells IPA 35cl
Odells Myrcenary Double IPA
Palma Cristal 33cl
Paulaner Hefe Weiss 50cl
Paulaner Salvator 50cl
Pelforth Blonde 25cl
Quilmes 33cl
Quintine Ambree 33cl
Quintine Blonde 33cl
Quintine Hercule 33cl
Rauchbier Schlenkerla
Red Willow Ageless 50cl
Red Willow Feckless 50cl
Red Willow Headless 50cl
Red Willow Heartless 50cl
Red Willow Sleepless 50cl
Red Willow Smokeless 50cl
Red Willow Wreckless 50cl
Regent Bohemia Prezident 50cl
Sagres Lager
Samichlaus Bier 33cl
Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Schlosser Alt Bier 50cl
Schneider Aventinus
Schneider Eisbock 33cl 12% abv
Schneider Hopfen-Weisse 50cl
Schneider Weisse 50cl
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale 35cl
Sierra Nevada Kellerweis 35cl
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 35cl 5.6% abv
Sierra Nevada Porter 35cl
Sierra Nevada S Hemisphere 71cl
Sierra Nevada Stout 35cl
Sierra Nevada Torpedo 35cl 7.2% abv
Singha 33cl
Steinlager Pure 330ml
Stella Artois 66cl
Stone Old Guardian 65cl
Stone Smoked Porter 65cl
Struise Pannepot 33cl
Struise Rosse 33cl
Tiger Beer 33cl
Thornbridge Odell Pond Hopper 75cl
Timmermans Framboise 33cl
Timmermans Peche 33cl
To Ol Black Ball Porter 33cl
To Ol Mochaccino Messiah 33cl
To Ol Reperationsbajer 33cl
To Ol Sans Frontier 75cl
Tooheys Extra Dry 33cl
Tsingtao Beer 33cl
Tyskie 50cl
Victory Golden Monkey 35cl
Victory Hop Devil IPA 35cl
Victory Hop Wallop
Victory Storm King Imperial Stout 35cl
Weihenstephaner Hefe Weisse 50cl
Weihenstephaner Kristall 50cl
Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot 35.5cl
Weyerbacher Old Heathen 35.5cl


Gwynt Autumn Magic Medium 50cl 4% abv
Gwynt Black Dragon Med/Dry 6.5% abv
Gwynt Cloudy Scrumpy Med/Dry 50cl
Gwynt Gold Medal Medium 50cl 7% abv
Gwynt Orchard Gold Medium 50cl 4.9% abv
Gwynt Perry Vale Medium 50cl 4.5% abv
Sam Smiths Organic Cider
Sheppy's Bullfinch Medium Sparkling
Sheppy's Cider with Honey 50cl
Sheppy's Dabinett Apple Cider
Sheppy's Goldfinch Dry Sparkling
Sheppy's Kingston Black
Sheppy's Organic Cider
Sheppy's Taylors Gold 50cl


Beer Ritz, Leeds
Off Licence News Drinks Retailing Awards Best
Independent Beer Retailer
Winner 2003
Runner Up 2004
Beer Ritz, Leeds

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