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Links We Think You Might Enjoy

Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter
Rest In Peace, Mr. Jackson. Your legacy echoes still.
Great website for all right-thinking beer enthusiasts, plus a handy discussion forum
Jeff Evans' online home - lots of beer-related information, education and archive. And you can book him for a tasting event (but only if I'm unavailable)

The Beer Academy
A many-tentacled beast, providing tasting events to consumers and industry alike. Respect, guys, we love you.

The British Guild of Beer Writers
Find a specialist beer writer for all your beer-related copy needs, join the Guild if you're a writer, or just sign up for the beer-related news alerts and regular newsletter.

Beautiful Beer
"Why drink beer?" they ask. Brilliantly, the reply is "Why not!". A wonderfully comprehensive introduction to the generics and specifics of enjoying beer.

Beer Advocate
US-centric beer forum. Sprawling and comprehensive

Saviours of our liquid cultural heritage
It's an enormous glass of fact, running over with everything beer.

Australian Craft Brewing
Including radio shows about brewing and homebrewing. It took 4 minutes of listening before I heard one of them swear, and go on to call their guest an ugly bastard.

Intoxication Information
If you're in any doubt about whether you're still drunk, it's probably best to assume that you are.

The Cheese and Beer Poem
The world needs more people like this

Tasting Notes
Links to sites that have a useful resource of tasting notes


Roger Protz
Without Roger, the current landscape of British beer would look very different. A giant amongst us.

Stonch's Beer Blog
It's a blog. It's about beer. It's well-written. I've met him, and he seems like a nice chap. I like it, and I think you might like it too.

Pete Brown's Beer Blog
Well-written, eye-wateringly well researched and bowel-shatteringly well travelled, Pete is a thoroughly nice chap. In 2008, this was the second best beer blog in the UK, behind this website (sorry Pete).

Maltworms - Called to the Bar
Adrian Tierney-Jones' new malt-flavoured blog, marrying eloquent prose to West Country devolutionism. A chap, and a nice one to boot.

Shut Up About Barclay Perkins
Reverend Ron Pattinson dashes holy water in the vampyric face of beer mythology whilst maintaining one of the most prolific and well-researched beer history blogs in the known universe

The Zythophile
Zythophile and blockhead (read his blog to learn why this isn't an insult) Martyn Cornell is another incredibly thorough researcher, with a penchant for British beer history. Buy his book on British beer styles NOW!
Click here to buy "Amber, Gold and Black: The History of Britain's Great Beers" on Amazon

Tandleman's Beer Blog
An interesting, nay, compelling mix of industry news and opinion. I've met him, and you know what - he's a nice chap.

The Good Stuff
Leeds-based Leigh blogs about food and drink. As he says, us Leeds-based beer nerds need to stick together!

Boak & Bailey's Beer Blog
A chap and a lady blogging about beer. I've met them and, as their inclusion here demonstrates, they're thoroughly nice people.

Pencil & Spoon
Mark can drink beer, write, write about beer and food, and understands the value of a cunningly placed ampersand.

Dave's Beer Related Blog
His title may lack a hyphen, but he gives good blog

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